Boundless CFX


Boundless CFX from the USA is a portable vaporizer that keeps up with the performance of the prestige brands, but only a part of their price. Using it is simple – just choose your preferred temperature between 37°C to 221°C in the pretty organic LED screen and wait until the device vibrates. That’s it. You are ready to draw. CFX will vaporize for you your favorite aromatherapy blends as well as CBD oils in different chambers that come in the kit.

Two powerful 2500 mAh batteries heat up the chamber over 20-25 seconds, and allows up to 15 puffs. Usually that is enough. Charged with a USB. Compact yet sturdy, fits in the pocket nicely, the mouthpiece is held by a magnet. Oh yes, magnet power!

Vaporizes dry herbs and oils



  • Isolated airpath
  • 20-second heat up time, mighty 80-watt heating element
  • Freedom to control temperature (37 °C–221 °C)
  • Digital OLED screen (4.3 cm)
  • Smooth and steady vapor stream (for herb sizes of all kinds)
  • Large chamber capacity
  • Can vaporize dry herb as well as oils

The kit includes

  • USB wire
  • Oil chamber
  • Packing tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Usage info

Fully charged expect up to 15x 5 minute sessions

CFX convection technology draws air through the heating element and blows it up to the ceramic chamber, making sure the herb will never get too hot, but will get vaporized evenly.


Discreet design

Boundless CFX is quite modern with an organic LED screen and a firm grip. Easily fits in any pocket. Light but well-built, covered in a layer of silicone to stay cool throughout the sessions and to protect it from external mechanical harm during accidents.


How to use it

The space for herbs will be found by pushing the mouthpiece away from the magnet holding it. Finely grinded herbs then are put into the chamber and closed again. The power button is pressed for 5 consecutive times in a row, and the desired temperature is set. After 20 seconds you are ready to go up in vapor.

If you want to vaporize oils, all you need to do is to drop them into the oil chamber included in the set.



All Boundless CFX sold at Vapotheca are fully authentic and come with a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.


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