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DaVinci IQ was created to be comfortable and portable, as well as simple and effective, without forgetting the important factor of beauty and style. In one word – versatility. Ergonomic design from aluminum anode connects elegance with durability and this aesthetically pleasing synergy of functionality and looks culminates in a 51 LED screen that is both beautiful and practical. DaVinci IQ whispers to you by vibrating whenever it switches on or off. Bluetooth connects it to your smartphone.


The Bluetooth function gives you connectivity with smartphones, meaning you can control the device not just with the buttons on the side of the vaporizer, but also through the app. In the app you will find 4 pre-set SmartPath modes, that are in essence just different temperature settings, producing different vapor effects. Through the apps you can modify those settings for your IQ to heat up just the way you like it. There is also a turbo mode when you want a lot of heat, fast. DaVinci IQ will never scald you because the ceramic zirconium mouthpiece is an excellent heat insulator and a true flavor purity guardian.

Vaporizes dry herbs

Colors: Blue, Gray and Black

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  • Small, light and comfortable
  • Simple to charge and heats up rapidly
  • 51-LED screen is both practical and beautiful
  • Anoded aluminum surface is durable, protective, and beautiful
  • Ceramic zirconium vapor path keeps the flavor fresh
  • 360° conductive heating
  • Powerful battery is replaceable and chargeable
  • Communication by vibrations
  • Bluetooth functionality (can be controlled through a smartphone)
  • Pre-regulated DaVinci patented SmartPath heating + manual and turbo modes.

Accessories (Included)

  • 3500 mAh replaceable battery
  • Micro-USB wire
  • Taste chamber
  • 10 mm bong adapter (!)
  • 2x DaVinci chamber tools
  • DaVinci key-chain tool
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Extra O-rings and joints
  • Cleaning brush



DaVinci IQ is a step forward from the all-favorite DaVinci Ascent. It was made with the same precision and understanding that makes every vape sessions stand out. First of all, DaVinci IQ sports an ergonomic design, lies in the hand safely and comfortably, is easily filled even by the first-timers. Vapor path and the mouthpiece are made from ceramic zirconium, that is used not only for the taste to romain 100% pure, but also for the fact that it is very durable and hardly shatters. With the DaVinci IQ you can leave in the past the tedious process of replacing your vaporizer’s glass parts.


Also, the ceramic zirconium is a very good thermal isolator. This detail is very important for a device that will be touching such a sensitive body part as your lips. Because the DaVinci IQ vaporizer was created for you to enjoy it anyplace, anytime you want, the set includes a powerful long-lasting battery that can be replaced or charged using an USB wire. Whenever the DaVinci IQ switches on or off, it vibrates to let you know, and the 51 LED display lets you know what’s up as clear as ever. Simply put, IQ is an outstanding masterpiece of the world-famous American manufacturer DaVinci.


DaVinci IQ, of course, can do even more. As its name suggest, it’s a modern, smart take on a vaporization device. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, IQ works magnificently alongside your smartphone. Download the app to unlock the 4 pre-set SmartPath vaping experiences. Those who are only starting out can simply load & go. Those that have some vaporizing experience (or those that love to experiment), can manually modify the vaping temperature. SmartPath technology guarantees that even a complete beginner can appreciate the differences of vaping herb at different temperatures. And if that wouldn’t be enough, you can always hit the turbo button that will rapidly get your IQ to maximum heating temperature and keep it at that until you release the button. Wroooooom!



Even though performance is no. 1 task of any vaporizer, a quality device must not only function well, but feel good and look good. DaVinci IQ passes this test with the highest grades. Anoded aluminum body gives the vaporizer all-kinds of protection for the technology that lies within, while maintaining a high score in style. Whenever you are not using your DaVinci IQ, its compact size and light weight will not be a burden to you, as it easily fits into the pocket of your backpack or your pants. Nice little thing for those that are on the move a lot or live in smaller spaces.


All DaVinci IQ vaporizers sold by Vapotheca are 100% authentic and come with a 10 year warranty.

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Black, Blue, Grey


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