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The successor of the legendary DaVinci IQ is here! Vaporizing dry herb and hard concentrates alike.

If you ever watched MTV’s Pimp My Ride, well it’s like the IQ was taken to the gang’s service booth for an upgrade. Just it’s no shoddy ride that is being pimped – IQ was already well established in the herbal vaporization market. But DaVinci put it into the next gear so that only purer and higher class vapor can reach those sensitive lips of yours.

The feel and peel is not so different from the original IQ, EXCEPT that it looks and feels way more rough and rugged. Like it has experienced things, you know. Like it was lifted so high it never came down again. Also, it is a little bit bigger. As usual, everything is made from medical grade quality parts so that none of that metalic/plastic taste particles mess up the flow of your precious terpenes.

One of the new functions that truly stands out is the air dial through which you can regulate the airflow. For lighter and cooler hits you can increase the flow, whereas if you want to take that dank dense, you can reduce the airflow. Through this simple dial one can reduce the temperature of the vapor by 50%. Simple ingenuity at its finest.

IQ2 also has a dosing meter that can be controlled through an app or through the device itself. That gives you total control of how many of the active particles you want to inhale during each and every session. The device will let you know when you reach your limit. Smart or what. IQ2.

Vaporizes dry herbs

Spalvos: Blue, Grey and Black

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Main upgrades since the original IQ:

– Sturdier exterior
– Better insulation
– Controllable airflow
– Know-your-dose technologies, man

– 35% more airholes to improve the flow, because it’s all about that
– Adjustable zirconium pearl
– Way easier to clean

DaVinci focused into making IQ2 simpler, taking away what can be reduced. By simplifying the airpath design, DaVinci made the cleaning process much easier. And we know that is very important for every seasoned stoner. Glass-covered ceramic heating chamber is better insulated than before, making sure the heat stays where it should, and also increasing the efficiency of the battery. Extra airflow holes can be opened and closed upon will with the airflow dial.

IQ2 is one of the most serious vaporizers in the market, satisfying both the budding vaper and the expectations of a green-thumbed connoisseur.

Technical details:

Capacity: 0.5g of dry herbs or 0.2g of hard concentrates.

Air flow: 5 different dials
Vapor path: Of glass and ceramic zirconium

Temperature control: good ol’ Smart Paths and Precision via LED Display and/or the app
Smartphone App: Customization, Temperature control, Dosage, Update Firmware (the app has to be downloaded outside the app store)
Exterior: Coarse aluminum
Size: 4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 159 g
Heat-up: under 1 minute
Battery: 18650, 1 hour of continuous usage, replacable/chargable

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Black, Blue, Grey, Purple


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