Hydrology 9


An electric bong is what we have been waiting for. It is one of the most innovative vaporizers in the market. The secret to success lies in the manufacturer’s Cloudious 9 systematic and study based approach to vaporization. This company takes the vapers’s feedback, wishes and advices into account whenever they design a new product. Hydrology 9 is called Hydrology 9 because it took the makers 9 tries to get it right. Many revisions and optimizations to make every little detail work as it is supposed to where done for the sole purpose of the enjoyment of a vape session. The result is truly outstanding – a hydraulic herbal vaporizer that is simply perfect for everyone looking for a high quality vaping experience.

Made from NASA-grade stainless aluminum anode and molten borosilicates, this vaporizer is as stylish as it is powerful. Some people call it the lightsaber. Not just because of the sexy LED lights. OK, also because of them, but also because this bad boy packs futuristic functions. Along with precise temperature control and a smart heat distributor, other ingenious additions are water-proof filters. Have you ever ripped a bong upside down? Now is your chance. Sans-combustion, yo.

Vaporizes dry herb

The electric bong




  • It’s a freaking electric bong
  • Stylish and solid aluminum and glass body
  • Automated temperature measurement
  • Built-in stirring device
  • Easily understandable LED info lights
  • Powerful 2000 mAh battery holding up to 15 separate sessions
  • Unique, regulated air-flow dispensers



  • Charger
  • Cleaning set


Simulating the motion of the ocean

The success of this vaporizer lies in its name: Hydrology. Made to simulate the feel and taste of the bong, Hydrology 9 features an innovative, patent pending hydraulic filtration technology that raises your sessions to the next level. While the vapor travels through the pipe, its temperature is reduced by water, and the vapor comes out as a yummy and cool mist. It does not matter at what angle you take your rips, there is no way you will be spilling any water. Take that, bongs. Make way for electrical!


Specialized heating system

The electric bong heats the herb inside its porcelain chamber in a conductive heating manner, just like many vaporizers these days. But what makes Hydrology 9 stand out from the competition is that it has many smart functions, that allow you to just sit back and enjoy the chill. The first is temperature micro-management. When you choose your preferred temperature, a microchip processor in the internal organs of the vaporizer will track the temperature and keep it consistent, regulating it every millisecond. Another nifty feature solves one of the bigh vaporizer bothers – heat distribution. If you have a conductive heating mechanism in your vape, and if you do not stir your grass mid-sesh, the bud is not going to vaporize evenly. Here this problem is solved with a built-in stainless steel stirring tool that allows you a simple and even mix whenever you need it.


Beautiful LED lights show the way

Hydrology 9 packs a bunch of complicated technologies, but they do not make the device difficult to use. Far from it – this electric bong is very straightforward and simple to use, even a baby could use it, so keep it away from babies. And if you are not a baby, all you need to do is follow the LED instructions. When you will fill the chamber with herbs and the tank with water, three clicks of the power button will switch the green light on. After a rapid 60-second pre-heat, the light will switch to blue. That means that the vaporizer is already vaporizing at the lowest temperature. There are 5 temperature modes in total, each color the device in a different light. From the coolest to hottest the colors are: blue, yellow, orange, purple and red. The battery charge indicator is also LED – green light means that the battery is fully charged, blue indicates half-charge, and red means it is time to put a pause to your vaping and charge it up!


All Hydrology 9 vaporizers sold at Vapotheca are from authorized Cloudious 9 distributors, 100% authentic and have a 2-year warranty.


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