Flowermate Aura


The creators of the Flowermate (Smiss) have their ante up high to deliver products that have a good price/quality ratio. Their Flowermate Aura design joins accessibility with functionality, and makes this only 104 grams weighing baby into an all-around pal. Together you will be able to relax & enjoy herbs and even vaporize oils.

The battery will give you 2 hours of non-stop sessions. Knowing that the heat-up time is less than a minute, you can be sure to raise quite some fog with a full charge.

Digital screen allows the user to control the vaporization temps in a precise manner – from 40° C to 230° C.

Vaporizes dry herbs and oils


Tru conduction

The herb will never start to burn with precise temperature control.

Long-lasting battery

2600 mAh Samsung battery keeps this device alive longer than you would expect from its size.


Flowermate Aura kit packs 2 replaceable heads – one is for dry herbs, and the other for oils. Although the heads does get a little bit hot at max temperatures, but that is probably the only drawback from a device at this price.


The Flowermate Aura comes with a 2 year warranty (6 months for the battery).


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