G Pen Elite


The functional, efficient and spacious on the inside – meet the G Pen Elite. Its creators Grenco Science are quite an established company in the vaporization industry, having launched their first products a good 10 years ago. This particular device is worth the praise for it has one of the biggest all-ceramic heating chambers in the whole vaporizer world – it can pack 0.75 gram of your favorite herb.

While heating up, the heat travels through the ceramic surface and heats the herb evenly. This ensures that you can vape a long while. Yummy.

Looking like a funky beard trimmer, is in fact a very discreet tool to have in your arsenal for traveling.



The innovative 360° ceramic heating element guarantees a fast conduction vapor. Choose your temperature between 93° – 220°C. Smart modern technologies unlock completely new vaping feels and tastes. G Pen Elite heats up in less than 30 seconds, a great feat for a vaporizer that boasts having the biggest ceramic heating chamber in the market.

G Pen Elite lets you stay in control by setting your own temperature and programming the device via a LED screen that is incorporated on the side of the vaporiser. Absolutely unobtrusive. Just make sure to pack the chamber tightly with your herb for the best performance.

The pack comes with

1 x G Pen Elite vaporizer
1 x G grinder card
1 x G Pen Elite tool
1 x USB cable
1 x G brush
1 year guarantee for electronics


G Pen Elite is stylish yet discreet. It is indeed a pleasure to hold and use such a device. One button operational system makes the whole thing super user friendly. If something is unclear you can probably find the answer in the LED display screen. Charge time is 3 hours using the included Micro USB wire. Fits 0.75g


After pressing the power button for 5 consecutive times the device will power on. Same for switching it off. To choose the temperature follow the LED screen. Upon choosing the desired temperature, you’ll need to hold the power button for one second. Voila! G Pen Elite will begin to heat-up.


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