Pax 3 (Full set)


Pax Labs did what every self-respecting brand seeks to do – create an iconic product. They are partly responsible for the herbal vaporization fame in the mainstream. Also known as the vaporizer iPhone, Pax 3 is its most recent and best model. 4 different vape modes: efficient, boosted, flavor, and discreet. Basically, catering for every situation in our lives. The possibility to fill the heating chamber only half full will let you vaporize even in small quantities.

As any modern device, it can be controlled through Bluetooth. Compared with its predecessors, Pax 3 has more battery power, heats faster and can vaporize not just dry herb, but oil, too. The device keeps the flavor fresh, is easily maintained and clean even for first-timers. Looks more like an iPod than a vape, therefore blends in with the environment, not standing out too much during your travels.

Colors: black, teal.

Vaporizes dry herb and oils

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What’s special?

  • Elegant design, discreet, yet durable
  • Made from medical grade materials, ensuring the quality of performance and a long-lasting life.
  • Extended vapor path cools the vapor before they reach your mouth
  • Super rapid 15 second heat-up time
  • Very easy to fill without spilling
  • Choose between 2 mouthpieces
  • 3 heating chambers to choose from: a special chamber for oils and a lid to decrease chamber size
  • Vibrates
  • Outstanding USB charged battery
  • Easy to use with and without a smartphone
  • Works with most of Pax 2 gadgets


The kit includes

  • Oil chamber
  • 2x mouthpieces
  • 2x chamber lids
  • 3x screens
  • Charging wire + charging board
  • Maintenance kit
  • Multi-tool
  • tweed bag

Full-on control

Pax Labs 3rd baby Pax 3 works seamlessly as a stand-alone device, but because we live in the XXI century we might as well connect it to our smartphones using Bluetooth. This opens the doors to an exciting world full of new possibilities all for your vaping pleasure. 4 modes to choose from are: efficient, flavor, turbo and discreet. Efficient mode is the best to use as the regular mode because using it the heating chamber is slowly raising its temperature all throughout the session. Flavor mode prioritizes cooler, tastier clouds over the thicker ones. Turbo mode keeps the chamber hot for longer, reducing the cool-down periods (best for short yet intensive sessions, also if you want thick clouds). Well, and the discreet mode is the opposite of that – it increases cooling times and will be enjoyed the best by the light vapor lovers. Also those that like to enjoy a vape in public without others noticing what’s up (or who’s up). Any of these modes can be further tweaked and modified to your heart’s content through a smartphone.


All Pax 3 vaporizers sold at Vapotheca are full-on authentic and come with a 10 year warranty.


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Black, Teal


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