Volcano Classic


The legendary vaporizer. The best quality and the most sold balloon vaporization system in the world. As every nice home should have a decent sound system, we believe this to be the high-class vaporizing center. This very masterpiece made the German manufacturers Storz & Bickel  known and respected in planet Earth, and maybe even beyond.

A stationary system never runs out of energy, so you can trust the Volcano to deliver thick yet smooth steam until you are out of herb (as if that is ever gonna happen). Once in the balloon, the steam cools down, and reaches your patient mouth in a very nice temperature.

Dry herb vaporizer


What’s special?

  • High performance heating capsule
  • Mighty diaphragmal air pump
  • German precision & durability
  • Temperature in between 130 °C and 230 °C
  • Electro-mechanical performance


The only prove you need that Volcano is truly special is the fact that this product dominates the stationary vaporizer scene for over a decade. A cult icon, the German engineers make their motherland proud with things like such. That is well-reflected by the customer reviews.


Especially precise temperature control allows you to choose the strength of the aroma, as well as the density of the vapor. If you would decide to do something else during a vape session, the vapor will not go stale inside the balloon for up to a good 8 hours.



Volcano Classic comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty for standard usage.


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